They never taught him how to respond to change, they never even tried to put him in a change simulator or give him any lecture about change. They haven’t got the chance to reconsider the system, after all, they are expert in dealing with change, not because of anything, other than the fact they are “the change”. Actually the change starts at their door steps, in their living rooms, within themselves, and among their acquaintances. 

They never considered any psychological impacts or post change training. Why would they? They have “foreseen” change, it’s not their fault, no one else did try and hence they have taken the initiative, almost every time and with time, they felt they own it. They keep telling themselves, someone has to start and as such they appoint themselves the ambassadors of change.

Sometimes they fight among them; shall we change the cover? maybe a couple of lines on page 48, or maybe we adjust alignment of few lines on page 67..sometimes a long time passes, them and us, by, before they need to change is page 90, we should do something -it has been a while since we changed anything. What would they say? We have been idle or standing still…no way, we’ve got to change something. Then they sleep for a long while..enjoying all the seeds of change they planted.

One day, everyone wakes up and they find a big change has been building momentum and its so powerful, and for a change, its coming from within; through their employees and subordinates, At first they were assured its just a temporarily phenomena and then they had to make phone calls and make sure where this change is coming from. We install change and we decide on change, who on earth has been powered with an equivalent power? 

Suddenly they find whole pages were torn apart, falling on the floors of their yards, chapters have been ripped off, and chapters have been added.
Few months later, they found out that change has taken them by a complete surprise, and that they are experiencing change for the first time ever, they panicked, couldn’t react, and fear started slipping in…worry is accumulating, and tension began to eat their nerves come we never experienced change- they tell one another? Then someone pops up, someone of them, and say, reluctantly, we have been the change for ages, now its their turn, they are not the normal change, we are going through a structural change that we have never been accustomed to..and here I warn you…change, this time, is going to tear us up and take us, all the way to the bottom. This is what we always feared, and this is what we are getting now. 

Few days later, you couldn’t hear their conversation any longer, they were sinking all the way to the bottom, suffocating with inked pages and old and familiar written lines, they have gone… now they’re covered with thousands of new pages with a whole brand new fonts…new voices and whole new vocabularies…

And while they were having their own last glimpse of life…A voice comes from afar, and they get the message of light..and because its dark and they can hardly breath..they could only understand some of the lit letters … ” structural change”.. “long-due”, “all of a sudden”, “powerful”, and by recognizing the last 2 words of “upside down”..lights go completely off…and its so quite…too quite…and dark.

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