" Ex-investment banker turned award-winning furniture designer by passion and raw talent. I work as a fit-out interior design project manager at GESAB on a full time basis & I teach strategic retail management and Global financial markets modules for an MBA level on a part time basis"

How did it all start?

After serving in the investment banking sector for ten years as the head of asset management, I found myself unjustifiably jobless and in a sudden income-less status. It took me a series of unfortunate events and disappointments to get back on my feet and gradually find more about myself and what I truly want. 

To experience the value of inexperience was fascinating to me, so as learning that a big part of innovation is beginners' luck

After a unique experience of 12 months  working on an unconventional and bespoke F&B trio concept, whereby I fell in love with furniture design and bespoke interiors, I founded anknownymous in 2010.

Pursuing my love for design after so many years of business-oriented thinking gave weird yet fruitful mix between the rigidness of investment banking and the playfulness of design.

Journey or Destination?

The investment banker in me always looked for more value for my clients, and that is where, my love for multi-functionality and space-utilisation, comes from.  G-steel is one example. 

I decided with this 180-degree career shift that I will be enjoying my journey and worry less about the final destination. If you happen to agree with me you may enjoy reading my blog.

Thankfully, my efforts have been rewarded. I was elected as Jordan's favourite designer  by LivingWell Magazine in 2011. I have won two A ' Design  Award  for Benchark & Trio Benches in 2012 and 2016 respectively.  

Gratefully, one of my pieces 1984 Noura vintage sofa made it to the NYPost top 10 marvellous pieces from the Middle East. You could have a look at various media and press coverage here

What's on Offer?

Creating a conversation with a space and then turn it into an innovative and emotion-full experience.  I am fascinated by the world of gastronomy and Retail because through their spaces you can tell many stories.  

On a product and industrial Level,  Furniture Design is on offer again with pieces that offer memorable experiences. 

I had the honor to work with selected comercial spaces to create concept interiors. Bespoke Interior Design  is a strong asset of mine. 

If you are looking to revamp your retail concept, extend your offering to include a unique client's experience, or even start a new one from scratch, then you are in the right place, check a selection of my work here: Visual Merchandising & Window Dressing

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